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Orioles are here! How to get them to your house and keep them.

Orioles are here! How to get them to your house and keep them.

You might not get them this year so plan for spring 2023!

How to attract and keep orioles coming year after year!





How to attract Orioles to YOUR yard! 

If you have not started this year chances are you will need to let this year go and focus on next spring. 


It is a good idea to keep trying even when you do not see any orioles at your feeder. They are creatures of habit so once you have them you keep them! They will continue to come back year after year. Here are a few tips and tricks to lure orioles to your yard and keep them coming back! 


Orioles need energy when they first arrive from their wintering ground in the American tropics. They love berries and are especially drawn to dark varieties especially grape jelly. Of course they love oranges too! Slice them in half and watch them come for an early morning OJ. They need the quick energy from these sweet offerings so they can regain all their body weight they lost from their long trip north! Tip-they might enjoy a fruit suet at this time of year


You need to have all this ready BEFORE they arrive. Luring Orioles to your yard could take anywhere from 1-3 years even with a well prepared buffet of high energy food. How do you know when to have the jelly, sugar water and oranges out? Check the website  and follow their progress north as people report sightings!


During the summer they are attracted to fruit trees, trumpet vines, native honeysuckle and petunias! Tip- offering mealworms could be just the right thing during the summer months. Orioles also eat a variety of caterpillars, spiders and snails!  It is possible they will not be eating much or any of the sweet offerings as they transition to focusing on nesting, feeding and caring for their young. Orioles like to nest in large mature trees like oak and maple. Tip- have a source of moving water nearby. If you don’t have a creek nearby try a fountain. 


Before they take off again for the sunny south, usually at the end of August or September they will start eating all the sweet foods again.  They are getting ready for their big trip south. Below you will find a recipe for sugar water.


Sugar water recipe 4 parts water 1 part sugar, no food colouring required

Change it weekly

Keep food out of direct sunlight 


Check out Heritage Pet and Garden for all your Oriole and wild bird needs! Send us a picture of an oriole at your feeder and get a free grape jelly! Heritage Pet & Garden (@heritagepetandgarden) • Instagram ...Heritage Pet & Garden | Facebook